Want Your Children To Love Books - Go See A Movie!


Reading a book from which a movie is made is almost always a richer experience than simply watching the film. The experience of savoring the words onto the page and allowing yourself to be taken on a journey inspired by the writer is sublime. Since the author paints a picture with words, your imagination fills in the blanks until the voices of the characters and the graphics of these settings resonate in your thoughts.

After reading and thoroughly enjoying a well-written book, watching the film adaptation may be a fascinating experience. The voices and graphics from your imagination are contrasted by those created by the actors, the director, and the cinematographer. It is not that the experience of seeing a film adaptation is necessarily bad - it's only different. It presents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to your kids the distinction between words onto a webpage and graphics on a screen - and to get a great family experience from the procedure.

Almost without fail, your kids will agree that if they appreciated the film, the experience made by their own creativity is better. Demonstrating to your child that their imagination is stronger than the usual hollywood blockbuster is a very liberating and supportive practice. Believe it or not, moving through this process of reading a great book and then watching the movie really reinforces your child's love of reading in addition to using their creativity!

Between now and the end of the year, there are two chances to read a fantastic book and then to find the film adaptation.

Discuss which scenes you think will make it into the movie and which they might have to cut. Have family members select favorite characters, and act out some scenes from the book. These types of activities build enthusiasm and set the stage for viewing the film together as a family. If you would like to go all out, dress in costume to view the film. Afterwards, discuss the way the movie differed from the book, and, more importantly, how it differed in the scenes generated in family members' imaginations.

You can follow the exact same procedure by reading The Chronicles of Narnia before seeing the film. Younger children may enjoy hearing the traditional story of Chicken Little before viewing the Disney movie of the identical name. Discuss the moral of the story, and, after watching the film, discuss the way the storyline in the film demonstrated the principles of the classic.

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